LD510 - Leak Detector with camera and leakage calculator, one additional sensor input


LD 510 - Leak detection and leak measurement with a colored scale to distinguish between smaller and larger leaks.

The LD510 is the same as the LD500 but comes with one additional sensor input.

Leakage Calculator

The LD500 measures and calculates the generated cost due to leakages. The user can generate an overview about the actual state of the tested system and about the potential costs compared to cost savings. The cost per cubic ft or per m3 can be adjusted directly on the LD500. For accurate reporting the user can enter the distance between the measuring instrument and the measuring spot.

Leakage Location

The user can take a photo and enter the company name, building and measuring spot of the leakage area and save it together with the calculated leakage data. Additional comments regarding the maintenance action can be immediately entered and later updated and edited in the Leak-Reporter Software.

The built in ultrasonic transmitter is targeted so that the acoustic waves reach the piping system. The resulting ultrasonic signal passes through smallest holes which are then detected via the acoustic trumpet. Even very small leaks at hatches, doors and windows are found.

The specially designed acoustic trumpet focuses the acoustic waves and acts like a directional microphone while interfering ambient noises are excluded. Even leaks in hard to access and noisy areas are easily detected.

- High sensitivity
- Leakage calculation
- Report function
- Exclusion of interfering ambient noises

CS Leak Reporter Software (separate purchase)

Once the leakage data is stored on the LD 500 it is available to import into the CS Leak Reporter software for finalizing the detailed reports:

• Photo of the leakage point

• Date / time

• Company name / department / machine

• Size of the leakage in liters/min (unit selectable)

• Costs of the leakage per year in local currency

The CS Leak Reporter software only works with the LD500 and LD510 leak detectors.