SIGA Compressed Air Solution's philosophy builds on the slogan “YOU CANNOT MANAGE WHAT YOU DO NOT MEASURE”.

Family owned and operated, we have over 10 years’ experience in the compressed air business. We are focused on delivering products that help our customers maximize their energy efficiency.

SIGA supplies energy efficiency compressor controls with a focus on compressed air monitoring, increased system reliability paired with education. Our compressor management system consists of a self-learning and demand based master controller paired with a web-based monitoring system. We also supply a wide range of compressed air sensors such as flow, dew point, air quality, pressure etc., which allows us to provide the best online support of any provider of compressor master controllers.

In 2017 SIGA completed an energy efficiency project with ComEd in Chicago. The project was cash positive in 6 months, customer received $177,000 incentive and the net present value was > 2 million dollars. SIGA won, with a project at Herman Miller’s Spring Lake facility, the Energy Efficiency Award Challenge 2016.

As part of our educational mission we offer independent compressed air classes in the Spring and Fall typically somewhere in the Midwest USA and Ontario. Call for details regarding the dates and locations of the next classes.


Proven and innovative measurement systems for compressed air and gases

For years CS Instruments has been one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of measuring technology for compressed air and gases. Long-term experience in production, supply and drying of compressed air contributes to research, development and production of innovative portable and stationary measuring instruments.

As a result we offer field proven and practicable measuring instruments for compressed air like e. g.: Dew point meters, pressure dew point meters for refrigeration and adsorption dryers (according to ISO 8573), compressed air counters, consumption counters for compressed air and gases, flow meters, leakage measuring instruments, leak detectors and mobile analysers for compressed air stations.